Institute Overview

Our Institute answers two foundational questions:

  1. What did Jesus really mean when he said ‘Go make disciples of all nations’?
  2. How do we do that?

To answer these questions, we teach, apply, experience and practice a disciple-making curriculum together. Our institute is a nine-month, intensive training program committed to equipping men and women from all backgrounds in biblical disciple-making. The Institute trains its students in the Bible , starting in Genesis 1 and ending in Revelation 22, biblical discipleship and biblical manhood or womanhood.

Those receiving discipleship training at Downline Ministries learn how to help someone else grow their relationship with Christ. The Institute is a platform to point people back to the original strategy, demonstrated by Jesus and his disciples, with a multiplicative effect on the whole church, not just a few select members. We are building disciples to reach the masses; thinking globally, but acting small.

Our goal is that graduates will be well-equipped to make disciples in their homes and local churches and practice discipleship as a lifestyle in their communities.

If you have a desire to pass the Word of God into the lives of faithful men and women, so they can make disciples too, The Downline Institute is for you.

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